Computer programs

The programs Dissonance Grading and Fingerings were written by Jos Kunst in Pascal to be used as compositional tools, and used by himself. Macintosh executables, which will run in the Classic environment in Mac OS X, can be downloaded here.

(Macintosh users, take note: these programs have no Macintosh interface. There is no menu bar, the mouse doesn't work, you interact with the program by typing in a scrolling text window.)

Other versions: Thanks to the much appreciated work of Johan E. Mebius there is also an MS-DOS executable of Dissonance Grading available. Dissonance Grading was ported to PHP by myself in 2006 and released under the GPL.

A package with the Pascal source code for both programs and some other music-related utilities is also available.

This code is ©1991-2005 Jos Kunst and the Jos Kunst heirs and is released under version 2 of the GNU General Public License.

Dissonance Grading


(for String instruments Chords)

Unfortunately the programmer did not provide an introductory text for this program. It gives possible fingerings, if any, for a given chord on violin, viola or cello.